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What is local SEO?

We all have heard about SEO and using it for our business. But what is Local SEO and why is it important for your business? If you are wondering the same then you are at the right place to get all your answers.

Local SEO Marketing

Local Search Engine Optimization helps in the online promotion of your business amongst the local customers within a set geographic area. It is more focused to provide results which are relevant to the searcher depending on their current location. For instance, if you search for “Best Dine-in areas” on Google, it will provide you the results which are nearest to you. Or suppose your car broke down and you need a mechanic in your near proximity, without having any idea where you are, you can use Google to look out the nearest ones for you so that you can reach out for immediate help.

In the last few years, Local Search Engine Optimization demand has grown dramatically, providing better usage and connectivity to Smartphone users. Though it is quite similar to organic SEO, still it’s very different from it.

Now you know what local SEO is and how it is fruitful for a user, but the point is how is it important for your business.

How Local SEO is beneficial for your business?

Using local SEO is the most effective way of promoting your business online. It let the local customer see your products or services at the exact time they are searching for them. Local search engine optimization uses a lot of strategies such as making your site rank higher on search engines, providing My Business listing on Google, localized content on your site, local reviews, and other strategies.

Organic SEO won’t be enough to provide you a better rank when it’s about competing with your local rivals. Therefore, you need Vancouver Local SEO services, it will increase the visibility of your business and will make your site rank higher whenever a location-based search is made.

Using Local SEO is a boon for startups, and SMEs, since they can easily make a profit by using it for their region, rather than targeting the whole wide world in the start. Earlier people use to make searches randomly without using any location, and use to get random results across the globe, but with Google’s latest algorithm, whether or not a user enters the location, Google tries to find the results as per the location the user to provide him better and more practical results. Local businesses can easily flourish in their locality with the help of local Search Marketing and then can go to other regions, cities, etc.

6 Reasons to use Local SEO Marketing for your business

Here are some of the top reasons which will help you in understand why it’s important to use local SEO for your business. Have a look:

  • Driving targeted traffic towards your business
    Local SEO services provide you more specific audience towards your business, most of them are your neighborhood inhabitants only. It increases your conversion rate since the customers visiting your business, belongs to your proximity and chances of them becoming your customer is very high. You can also build a database, understand their buying preferences and then, can reach out to them by providing relevant services or products. It will help you in finding the customers, in the same way, it will help the user to easily locate the nearest store without wasting much of their time. People prefer to visit the nearest store, rather than going all the way to the other side of the town for shopping.
  • Google supports local businesses
    You will be surprised to know that Google promotes start-ups as well as SMEs and even provide them free tools to use. The reason is quite simple, already established businesses have their own clientele and they can spend huge amounts on marketing their services or products. Whereas the new and small businesses work on a tight budget and can’t afford to do the same. Users prefer Google for all their searches and local website optimization is highly influential in meeting their demands. Google does its best to provide the best and effective results to the user, therefore those who implement local SEO properly get listed in the top search results of Google.
  • Fighting the Competition
    The market is saturated with products and services, name anyone and you will see hundreds of competitors present in the market. No single brand can have the monopoly for long. Competitors are a great threat towards your brand loyalty. To make sure you hold your position well in the market is to survive the competition. Each day several websites and startups came into existence and users prefer those which are shown easily in the search results. Local SEO helps in providing better visibility to your business, which in result also improves your brand awareness.
  • Reviews from Local customers helps in attracting new ones
    Using local SEM will help you in engaging more local customers. They will visit your business, buy your products or take your services, and will also spread the word about your work. It will give you a word-of-mouth publicity. You will be able to fetch more reviews from your customers regarding product life, product satisfaction, user-friendliness, after-sales service, etc which will attract more new customers towards your business. Make sure your postal address, name, and the phone number (NAP) are the same everywhere on the internet to avoid all sorts of discrepancies and to get better ranking results from local SEO.
  • Build a long-term relationship with your customers
    You can easily have a long-term relationship with your customers which will give you a competitive edge over your competitors if you properly implement the local SEO techniques. Your local customers, if satisfied with your product or service, will definitely visit you again, rather looking for anyone else. He might prefer to use your services on a regular basis. Even you can offer personalized products or packages to your regular customers so that they are more comfortable while shopping with you. In today’s time, it’s easier for the customer to move from one brand to another, keeping them loyal towards your business is a tedious task, thus having local customers hooked to your business can be a great tactic. You can also offer your long-term customers to use your signature creations, without doing any marketing for it.
  • Increase profitability and revenue generation
    We all know that every business aims to increase their profitability, therefore they work hard and provide several benefits to their customers. Local SEO strategies will help you in boosting your profits by alluring local customers towards your business. You can use the techniques as your major marketing strategy, especially if you are a startup or small business who are looking to market themselves in the local proximity. Once you have a clientele at your location, you can go for national as well as international recognition.
    As per Google, 4 out of 5 users want their search results to be customized as per their locality. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using local SEO.

5 Benefits of Local Search Engine Optimization

  • Can be 100% Free
    The best thing about local SEO is, if you invest your time and effort it can be 100% free since there are several local SEO tools available online, which you can use and won’t cost you a penny. These tools will help you in quantifying, tracking, evaluating as well as implementing the local SEO tactics.
  • Helps you reach every potential customer
    There was a time when directories or yellow pages were the first places people use to look for businesses or vendors. But now that is being replaced by the local search. Customers can locate a business even when they are traveling with the help of internet and their Smartphone. It’s easier for them to simply search whatever they are looking for in Google and get the best results in the locality.
  • Increases you website traffic
    Local SEO helps you in attracting local customers and targeting high-quality traffic is always beneficial for any business. If your website is optimized for top local rankings, then your potential customers will easily locate you on the net and will reach out to you for your products as well as services.
  • Delivers Higher Conversion Rate
    With Local SEO, you can easily convert a searcher into a buyer. Surveys have shown that more than 78% of local mobile searches definitely result in a purchase. Local SEO is helpful since the consumer look for the business in their near proximity so that they can easily and quickly avail the product or service. This makes local online marketing different from all other marketing methods and also quite beneficial for your business. It’s like whenever the user will be searching, you will appear in the results which will increase the chances of conversion. These leads can easily turn into a potential buyer.
  • It’s relatively simple to execute
    There are various simple and easy methods available which you can use to boost your local SEO efforts. For instance, the two major methods include, providing accurate and relevant information about your business across all the platforms such as interactive maps which will surely improve your rankings in the local search results.
    By now, you might have understood what Local SEO is, why it’s important for your business and its benefits. Now, it’s time to look for the tactics which you can use to make your business rank higher in local searches.

Top local SEO tactics for 2018 and Beyond

Include meta tags, meta descriptions along with the title

Meta descriptions, tags, and title are as HTML elements which you can easily customize to showcase the content of your website. Whatever you will write in the title and description will appear in the search results. You can consider this text like a mini ad, therefore you need to curate it carefully.
You can check the word or character limit which is accepted by Google while writing these. Currently its approx 50-70 characters for titles and 160-200 characters for meta descriptions. Use this space wisely to get the most out of it. Double check that what you have written in title or description is not getting cut while displaying in the search results.
You can use an emulator like Yoast’s SEO plug-in or SEOmofo for WordPress or any other to look how your title and meta description will appear in the search results.
Write compelling, unique and informative text, since these titles and descriptions are the way in which you are approaching your customers. Not done properly will impact your click-through rate (CTR). Choose each character wisely, don’t waste any, it’s your first impression and chance to convince the searcher to show that you are worth looking at.

Submit Your Business to Online Directories & Citation Websites

More than 80% users rely on online searches to choose a business, still, not all local businesses are listed online. But the ones which are listed online have a great advantage over others who are not listed online. Before the time pass and the local SEO search space also becomes saturated, make your move and avail the advantage. Few things which you can do are:

    1. List your business on the top local business directories, such as Citysearch, Superpages Yelp, etc.
    2. Complete your business profile as much as you can.
    3. You can use HubSpot list or Brightlocal to find out high-value business directories local citation websites and you can start creating your business page on these.
    4. Look in your local newspapers or websites to get more possibilities where you can create your business listing.
    5. Provide accurate details such as name, address, and phone, which is also referred as business’ NAP
    6. You can also look for the niche specific directories as per your business to list down your business and secure a place in the listing.

Use the power of local link building

Don’t be shocked by reading this. Yes, you can use local link building which is a secret for local SEO and only the experts know how to do it. It’s entirely different from link building in general since you will be getting more values from your local links even if the niche of the backlink source website is not lined with your business. The reason for this is, the relevancy holds a key position in the local business which reflects in the Google’s search algorithm for local SEO. Few suggestions how you can go about it include:

      1. Hunt down the local sponsorship opportunities.
      2. You can even conduct a donation campaign.
      3. You can show your involvement with local communities and show your support on their websites.
      4. Become active on local portals, newsgroups, etc.
      5. You can also go for creative yet low-cost advertisements on the local classifieds.

Store Branding Campaigns for better results

Here we are talking about all sorts of local events, communities, giveaways in which you can get engaged to get more local mentions of your business. It can be expensive especially for those businesses which are just starting with the SEM. Thus, comes the need of having a more focused measurement to execute a store branding campaigns. By this, local business can set their campaigns to measure success in terms of footfalls, purchases, subscriptions, etc.

Gain more reviews and ratings

To understand the behavior of the online consumer, a survey was conducted to find out how much value user give to reviews and ratings when it comes to local businesses. You will be surprised to know the results, have a look:

      1. More than 70% people are happy to leave a rating or review if asked to do so.
      2. More than 84% people believe and trust online ratings and reviews before making an online purchase.

How can you use the power of ratings and reviews to get the advantage for your business? Here are few ways to do so:

      1. Try to get more reviews on your Google My Business page, as well as other social media pages, especially Facebook Business Page.
      2. You can even use a social media listening tool to get the updates or alerts whenever your brand is mentioned online. You can then easily use these opportunities to persuade your customers to leave a rating or review for your business.
      3. Go for the Schema Markup to display your ratings and reviews in the search results.

Use local structured data markup

Less than one-third of the websites are using structured data in a proper way, even after getting various indications from Google that it prefers websites which do so. You can use tools offered by Google to start using structured data, like Structured Data Testing Tool which will show you the correctness of markup, or Data Highlighter which will let you use the mouse instead of coding to markup the content.

Implementing these local SEO tactics will surely help you in having a better local SEO for your business and will let your business rank higher in the results. It will defiantly help you in boosting your revenue as well as increase your sales.

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