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What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Operating in the world of business, one of your main goals would be looking for different ways in which you would be able to double your business. This seems to have become more important in today’s times with the competition increasing with every passing day. So, if you would like your business to survive and thrive, you would have to look at different ways in which you would be able to do that.

One of the ways in which you would be able to do that is with conversion rate optimization, also known as CRO. This is the systematic process with which you would be able to increase the percentage of visitors that would be visiting your website and who would take the desired action. This action can be making a purchase, filling out a form, or even other actions like clicking on a button or watching a video. This whole process, involves understanding how visitors move and navigate through your website, what actions they would most likely to take, as well as the roadblocks they would face which would prevent them from going ahead with the conversion.

So, you would think that conversion optimization would be a piece of cake for you. After all, since you have been running your business for so long now, there would be no one who would understand your customers better than you. However, when you look at the technical side of things, you would understand that you have bitten off more than you could chew. Because of this you should think about hiring our conversion rate optimization experts. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, you would be able to get a better insight into the minds of your customers and what is stopping them from completing your goals.


While this might be a term that you would seem to hear on an almost daily basis, it would hold more value for CRO service experts like us. In fact, this would be a general term for a visitor that would be completing a site goal. In the case of goals, you would find it to come in various types. So, if you use your website to sell a particular product, then the primary goal would be the visitor makes a purchase. On the other hand, there could be smaller conversions which could happen before the visitor would make a purchase. We would call those micro-conversions while the main task would be referred to as macro-conversions.

Examples of conversions

Here are some examples provided by our CRO team.


  • Purchasing of a product from a web site
  • Requesting a quote
  • Subscribing to a service.


  • Signing up for email lists
  • Creating an account
  • Adding a product to your shopping cart.

What is Conversion Rate?

The next thing that our conversion rate optimization agency would like you to understand is the conversion rate. In simple terms, CR is the number of completed goals, divided by the traffic to your landing page. So, if a visitor converts in each visit, such as buying your product, then you would divide the number of conversions by the number of sessions. This would include the number of times that a user has visited your web site.

How to calculate your Conversion Rate?

Even though conversion rate would be calculated by our conversion rate optimization software, it still would not hurt to have some basic understanding of it.
Let’s explain this with an example. Suppose you own an e-commerce store. We would assume that a user would make a purchase every time they visit your website. In that case, we would like to optimize so that they would make as many purchases as they possibly could. So, if your user has visited your e-store three times, that would mean that three sessions have been completed. So you would have three opportunities for conversion.
The next thing that we would do is take a closer look at the three sessions of the user and how they seem to have behaved.

    Session 1

    No conversion seems to have happened since the user was busy familiarizing himself with the new surroundings. As such, much of the time was spent poking around and scanning the provided information.

  • Session 2

    The user ended up buying your product. This would mean that a conversion has been made.

  • Session 3

    The user came back and bought something else from your website. So, even if they have bought multiple items in this session, it would count as one conversion.

Hence, if conversion rate optimization company like our agency would need to know the conversion rate, they would take the number of purchase orders that would be deemed unique. This would then be divided by the total number of conversions. In the context of our user that we have depicted in the example, this would show that they seem to have converted two times out of a total of three whenever they came to your web site.

How Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits SEO

Even though CRO services do not have a direct connection between the two, there would be no way that you would be able to deny some form of interlinking. Below are listed some distinct benefits for SEO.

  1. Customer insights being improved

    Thanks to CRO, you would be able to understand your key audience better. In addition, you would also be able to know what kind of messaging or language would work best and which would speak to their desires and needs. In other words, conversion rate optimization services would work best in finding the best customers for your company. This is because you would need to keep in mind that quality would be more important than quantity. Just because you would have a lot of customers to your credit would not mean that your company would be doing well. This is because you would need to see to what extent these customers are contributing to the sales and profits of your business.

  2. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

    CRO would be able to give you a better return on investment. Now, this is something which you would definitely like to hear. This is because by having a higher conversion rate, it would mean that you are making better use of the resources that you have at hand. By knowing more about how you would be able to get the best of your acquisition efforts, you would be able to know how you would be able to get more conversions from your existing traffic.

  3. Better scalability

    Even though the size of your audience might not scale as your company would grow, our conversion rate optimization services would be able to make sure that you would continue to grow without running out of prospective customers and resources.

  4. User experience being improved

    Improving the landing page and helping your visitor to take the desired action would help them feel smart on your website, they would most likely tend to stick around. So by taking in to account about what works in your case, you would be able to expand on that and make a better user experience. So, users who would feel more empowered by using your website would engage with it more. In fact, some of them might even become evangelists for your brand.

  5. Increased trust

    Thanks to hiring us as your CRO expert, we would also be able to increase the trust, of your visitors, in your website and brand. This is because the customer would have to genuinely trust your website if they would share their card details and personal information with you. Your landing page needs to be looking professional, credible and trustworthy and addressing any question that your visitors might have.

Key to Successful Conversion Optimization Campaign

To build a successful CRO campaign, our CRO experts would be able to would have to have the real data, so that they can make decisions based on stats. In fact, this information would turn out to be the cornerstone for successful CRO strategies. This is because without the real data, you would be left with making decisions that would be based on hunches and gut feelings alone. Even though these could be quite helpful at times, our experience shows that in most of the cases business owners are making wrong decisions about their landing pages and websites in general without looking at the data.

Analytics method

The analytics method, which would also be known as quantitative data analysis, would give you hard numbers. This would help you to see how people behave when they visit your website. Hence, this would be setup with a robust web analytics platform by our best conversion rate optimization experts. After that, tracking would be added for your conversions. Analytics-based CRO could also help to answer important questions about the behavior of customers on your website. By having all this information at hand, it would help us to know where our efforts should be focused. In this way, we would be successful in making the largest impact with fewer resources.

People method

By doing the quantitative analysis first, it would be valuable if your web site is large and have diverse content. This is because it would help us to know from different perspectives about where our efforts would yield the most fruit. However, since you know more about the behavior of your customers, you would be able to look into the reason behind the actions.
The people method, which would also be referred to as qualitative data analysis, would tend to be more subjective. This is because our CRO services would be able to know who they should be asking. For that reason, we would require to get quantitative data that you have gathered beforehand.
Some of the ways in which you would be able to gather this data are as follows:

  • Surveys conducted on the site
  • User testing
  • Satisfaction surveys.

Another thing that we would need to keep in mind is that there would be certain things which raw data would not be able to tell us. For instance, it would not point out ways in which we would be able to improve the experience of users. However, when we combine both subjective and objective information, we would be able to get a much better understanding of the pages on your web site. As such, we would be able spot the best opportunities which could be utilized to engage the target audience.

Bad method

Just like there seem to be good methods for conversion rate optimization, there seem to exist bad methods as well. Some of these would include:

  • Hunches, guesses, and gut
  • Imitating the competitors

Making changes based on the opinion of the highest paid person in the company.
When you look at these examples, you would find one thing to be common. Rather than being based on actual data, all of these seem to be random shots in the dark. It would be for this reason that our CRO company focus more on gathering and analyzing data so that meaningful tests could be made based on clear insights. In this way, you would be able to make better and more informed decisions.

Benefits of conversion rate optimization

Just by testing constantly does not mean that you would be able to witness a possible increase in conversion, however even a losing experiment is positive thing as we have learned something from it. This is because it would also help in improving the experience for your customers. Our conversion rate optimization services would help to simplify forms, remove barriers, and clarify navigation. All of this would help to improve the journey for your customers which in turn would make your web site a better performing machine.
Hence, the main goal of conversion rate optimization is to ease the journey of your landing page visitors until they convert.

How CRO can help to double your business in 90 days or less

  • Create text-based CTAs within the content

    According to our conversion rate optimization agency, it would be a good practice to include a call to action in your content. This is because it should be clear what should the next step be for your visitors to go ahead with the desired course of action. In these cases, you would also find banner blindness to be a common problem. This is because a lot of customers seem to ignore the call to action or the banner that seems to be waving itself on your web site. They might also ignore the bottom lines which you seem to have included. Because of this reason a new approach would be required, such as text-based CTA. This would be a standalone line of text that would be linked to a landing page. Styled as H3 or H4, we would like to see if it would help to convert more traffic into leads than the traditional approach which usually seems to be applied.

  • Inclusion of lead flows in your content

    Another test that we suggest would be including lead flows in your content. In most cases, you would be able to see high-converting pop ups. These have been designed in a manner to grab the attention to and show the value of your offer. We would be able to select from a drop-down banner, slide-in box, and pop-up box. All of this would depend on the kind of offer you are presenting to your visitors.

  • Running CRO tests on your landing pages

    Lastly, you would need to understand that landing pages are the most important for your web site. This is the place where the visitor would become a lead. As such, they play an important role in determining the success of your business. We would highly recommend to run test on your landing page especially if you are driving PPC – paid traffic.

  • Discover how our CRO company can help you increase your leads, business and ROI contact us today.

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