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When crafting a marketing strategy you’re well aware that generating targeted traffic is vital for your website, especially if you’re a New Westminster business owner. Even though your business may already have a couple of online ads or at least a billboard somewhere, you want grab the attention of a specific audience, which means you need to appeal to a specific niche. Conventional advertising doesn’t guarantee you that a target audience will see your ads.
Rather than throw money out the window, you might want to try out a strategy that can actually render results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best tactics that you can adopt. If you’ve never used SEO before, now it’s the best time to start. Even though it might take a while for a tactic to be properly implemented, at least the end result will be valuable traffic targeted at your website specifically. Consult with a New Westminster SEO and you’ll benefit from a service that will cater specifically to your site’s search engine optimization demands. Check out some key benefits provided by our agency:

Page One Results from our New Westminster SEO Company

Page one results are tough to obtain; and yet, our company can get it done for you perfectly. We’re one of the very few SEO agencies in the market who can focus precisely on the most difficult keywords to rank. We do this by centering our attention on result-drive keywords. According to recent research, when people are searching for something online they rarely go to Google’s second or third page. Most of them want to find what they’re looking for on the first page of a search engine. Our skilled New Westminster SEO Expert can come up with content that is valuable and particularly targeted at your business needs. Services included are: blogs, social media posts, articles and press releases.

We can even create memorable and eye-catching videos that have the power to convert an onlooker into an avid buyer. These items are precisely what search engines look for; and this is merely a snippet of a wide range of SEO services that we offer to provide you with page-one results. Strategically positioned keywords, fully optimized content and our vast experience will help you be one step ahead of your main competitors.

We Help You Save Cash

Very few SEO agencies help you save money, and we’re glad to tell you that we’re one of them. Whereas our main competitors have found a way to increase their pricing rates, New Westminster SEO offers extremely convenient price packages. We pride with the work that we do, and we don’t like to cut corners; we like to make use of SEO techniques that actually work. We have a devoted team that spent several years collecting data and gathering experience by working directly with the customer. It’s safe to say that we know what can work for your business and what can’t. Furthermore, we offer highly competitive price packages because we’re not charging customers money for services they will never need. To see exactly what’s working and where improvements are required, we will perform a detailed review of your site. We have a single purpose – to get your website on a search engine’s page one results.

Improved Conversion Rate

Our agency doesn’t just provide page one results. We’re also experienced at driving a targeting audience straight to your website. That’s how you boost a site’s conversion rate. Most companies are too centered on the numbers. Their intent is to drive a lot of traffic in the hopes of obtaining a possible conversion. We abide by a different set of strategies. We strongly believe that targeted traffic is a lot better for an online business. A lot of traffic has a wealth of benefits, however if they’re not readily available for purchase from your website, the conversion rate is still poor. A targeted customer is a lot more willing to buy. That’s exactly what we’re aiming at. A website that’s fully-optimized will help us drive customers that are more valuable to your business. We also service businesses in Coquitlam and the whole Vancouver area.

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