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Auto Repair Web Design & SEO

Over 50% of the world’s population is online, meaning that if you want to stand a chance on today’s market, your business will need an online presence.

Yes, even if you run an auto repair shop, website design, SEO, PPC, online marketing, and other similar tasks will now require as much attention as the repair and maintenance services you offer.

website design auto repair shop

As a starting point, you should focus on both auto repair SEO services and proper website design to make sure your business has plenty of visibility on the market.

If you’re not quite convinced, don’t worry – we’ll explain why they are so necessary right now.

Why You Need Auto Repair Shop Website Design Services?

Like we’ve already mentioned, over half the world has Internet access, and it’s highly likely that most of your customers and potential clients are online too. A website is one of the best ways (along SEO – but we’ll get to that in a bit) to make sure you can capitalize on that fact.

Just picture the following scenario: Someone wants to take their car out for a ride. They go to their garage, get in, start it up, and see their engine immediately dies. After a few more failed attempts to start the car, they realize they need an auto repair shop’s help.

What do you think will be their next move? Going back inside to call and ask their friends for recommendations, or look through the Yellow Pages?

Extremely unlikely.

Instead, they will most likely pull out their phone, and start looking for an auto repair shop’s website online.

searching for auto repair shop on smartphone

That’s not all – think of the convenience you will be offering your customers with a website. Instead of them having to talk with you or one of your employees to find out if you offer the services they need, they can just check that on your website in seconds.

Plus, say – for example – you or one of your employees actually forget to mention to a potential customer that your shop offers radiator and cooling system flush services. Hey, it can happen – it’s human error, after all.

But if that particular customer was interested exactly in that type of service, that simple oversight could cost you their business (which could be recurring if they are really happy with your services).

Not only that, but a website also makes it easy to display all the positive testimonials your clients give you. Something as simple as an auto repair shop website reviews section has the power to get potential customers to trust you more.

“Can’t I Just Design a Website on My Own?”

You could, though you must understand that there’s more to designing a website than just using a landing page builder and a basic website theme. Also, designing a website takes a lot of time and effort – which are better spent on growing your business and focusing on your clients, wouldn’t you say so?

What’s more, please understand that nearly all people nowadays expect a website to be smoothly designed so that it looks great, is very responsive, works on mobile devices, and is extremely user-friendly.

And if you can’t provide your target audience with a top-notch, near-perfect level of quality, you will very likely lose them to your competitors.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few stats to consider:

  • 8 out of 10 consumers will give up on a website if the content doesn’t display properly on their devices.
  • Around 38% of people will stop reading a website if the layout and/or content is not attractive.
  • Approximately 48% of consumers say that the design of a website directly influences the credibility of a business.
  • 40% of people move on to the next website on the list if the current website isn’t mobile-friendly.

And those are just some of the highlights.

So, it’s definitely better to just leave it to the professionals.

The Perks of Using Auto Repair SEO Services

When it comes to SEO, the automotive industry has a lot to gain from it. Don’t forget – on any given second, there are around 67,000 searches on Google!

Just imagine how many of those searches could be performed by people looking for the kind of auto repair services you offer.

Also, keep in mind that it’s very likely a lot of your potential clients would rely on local search results to find an auto repair shop. In fact, around 72% of people who do a local search will end up visiting a place of business within 5 miles.

find on Google all the local services you need

All in all, here’s a basic overview of the kinds of benefits SEO automotive services can offer you:

  • Your brand will enjoy a higher degree of credibility, as it’s easier for people to trust a business that ranks among the first Google results.
  • You’ll get to increase foot traffic at your auto repair shop if you rank well in local searches.
  • You will manage to attract exactly the kind of customers you want since your website will rank for the keywords they will be searching for.
  • Best of all – you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you can just focus on your business instead of spending countless hours trying to understand what the best SEO approach is for your auto repair shop.

Don’t Choose Just One - Website Design & SEO Work Best Together

Let’s face it – you can’t really do efficient SEO without having a proper website, and having a quality website won’t do much for your business if people can’t find it online.

Plus, a lot of SEO elements have to be worked into the website during the design process – not after it’s done. Things like link structure, indexation, information architecture, website navigation, URLs – those are the kinds of elements (among others) that have to be tackled head-on from the start.

We Can Offer You the Services You Deserve

We here at Superb Systems run a professional, successful Web Design and Automotive SEO company that doesn’t just make promises. It also delivers on them.

With years of experience under our belt, we’re able to design the best auto repair shop websites out there for you – websites your customers and potential clients will love to engage with.

And we won’t just design beautiful websites – we’ll also make sure your target audience lands on them. Our proven SEO strategies and techniques can help rank your auto repair website on the first page of any search engine.

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